Last Update: October 11, 2013
Regarding MRF Dynamic Deluxe a.ka. Mocha (Farmore Publicity x Darden Hearts A' Fire)
"Mocha is doing amazing. Sydney's trainer is in love with him. He is great with Sydney - they have become real friends. He has done well for the vet, the dentist, and the farrier. His trot and canter are beautiful. He comes back from the training barn at the end of June and Sydney cannot wait."
Regarding MRF Segno Di Cielo (Lochinvar Donatello x Docs Dark Gal)
"Here are some recent photos of Cielo at the trainers. He is back home now and doing great. The boys just LOVE him and are so excited to keep learning and growing with him."
Regarding MRF Bello Di Notte a.k.a. Doug (Lochinvar Donatello x A League Of Shys Own)
"Doug learned to lunge drive wear a saddle week one...week two ride at first while being lead then on his own, week three walk trot small fences.....very happy very good boy.....every one loves him...track season started so he gets about 2 rides per week now.....never a problem"

Hi. Just wanted to share the amazing news that Bello is a double champion from this weekend's Northern Ohio Dressage Association championship show. My daughter, Noelle, won the equitation championship and I won Open Training Level against 10 horses! He was amazing -- the only pony in the division and beat out warmbloods and people going to regional championships next week in Virginia. We actually got the highest score at the entire championship show. We continue to love this beautiful pony! Hope all your other ponies are doing well.. 10-11-2013

Regarding MRF Sola Gloria (Free Spirit Tenby Wills x Explosive Conclusion)
" I am attaching some recent pics of her and she is such a love. Shes 13.2 1/2 and I wish she would grow to 15 hands and I would keep her for myself! She is going to make some a kid a wonderful friend."
Regarding MRF Emmy Award (Appendix TB)
"We bought Emmy from you last November and she's been a very good horse. We've started her under saddle this summer and she's enjoying it as much as we are. I suspect 2 more rides and she'll be ready for her first trail ride."
Regarding MRF Dash Away (Lochinvar Donatello x MRF Daisy Blue Eyes)
"Dash is doing very well -- the kids all love him and he seems to be happy to see the kids when they come out. He will take a saddle and toddler without an issue.."
Regarding MRF Love N Kisses (Tristan x TBmar
"she is here, sorry i havent told you, i have a horse this Thursday thru Sunday and leave to go to indio on monday, pretty overwhelmed. she looks great, and is just what we expected. Thanks so much"
Regarding MRF Daisy Blue Eyes
"Hi Tammy, here is a pic of Daisy from yesterday--not only did she and Evan win the leadline, but they gave her a special "Cutest Pony in the World" award. Kind of hard to argue with that. :) I've had her in harness a few times and she is quite good--should be able to work off that baby belly!"
Regarding Colt By Free Spirit Tenby Wills
"i'll get you some pictures of Willie for you. he is adorable, gorgeous intelligent head and eye , with a wonderful disposition. he's going to be grey, as he is black with white flecks."
Regarding Filly By Lochinvar Donatello
"I will tell you that our little filly "Roxy" out of Donny, is just the apple of our eye. She is sooo sweet. very different from her brother "Rocky" (different father)."
Regarding Colt By Lochinvar Donatello
"he is i guess a bay with very black mane and tail, with a star above a black whorl, a little stripe, and then a snip. very cute, extremely outgoing and cheerful. great fun to play with."
Regarding Colt By Lochinvar Donatello
"he is a good foal great attitude we named him derby. Star with two hind whites he will be bay."
Regarding Colt By Lochinvar Donatello
"Daisy foaled a feisty black colt tonight at 9:30pm. Lucky I was watching the monitor--she interrupted her dinner to pace a few times and I decided to go check her and wrap her tail. In the time it took to drive down to the barn her water had broken and before you could sneeze this adorable big boy had made his entrance! He was on his feet within 45 minutes and cantering laps in the stall within an hour."

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