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MRF Welsh Ponies' breeding program focuses on Section B Welsh and half-welsh performance ponies for children and adults of all ages. We strive for Section B Welsh Ponies with the tractable temperament and conformation that have made them a world class breed of pony.

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Section B: The Welsh Pony
The general description of the Welsh Mountain Pony can be applied to the Welsh Pony, with greater emphasis being placed on riding pony qualities whilst retaining the true Welsh quality with substance. For generations these ponies were the hill farmers' main means of transport, herding sheep and wild ponies over rough and mountainous country. They had to be hardy, balanced and fast to survive, which ensured that only the best were bred from. These qualities, combined with a natural jumping ability, and the temperament of their Welsh Mountain Pony forebears make the Welsh Pony second to none in whatever field his young rider may choose. Today they hold their own among our top class riding ponies both in performance competitions and in the show ring.

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